Presidential Message

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Welcome to the Canadian Association of Magicians Website.  The Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM) is dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of magic and magicians in Canada.  We are the representative body for F.I.S.M. in Canada.  CAM is proud to have this distinction and our members and friends meet every year for a convention.

CAM was inspired by Greg Frewin, who won first place at FISM, but had to compete under the American umbrella because Canada didn’t have an organization at that time. Since then, Shawn Farquhar won the FISM Grand Prix representing CAM and this year Shin Lim will be competing in Close-up as a CAM member.

Our publication Northern Peeks offers news of magic in Canada as well as columns by some of Canada’s top performers. It is produced in a printed format and also distributed in a PDF to our members for use on their tablets or other devices.

We also have a Northern Peeks blog site within the CAM website with the latest news and announcements for our membership.

People often ask what is in it for me, referring to membership in any organization. I would like to think that maybe you should ask a different question. What can I offer CAM. Our organization is only as strong as the members that contribute to it. I believe we all have a role to play. I see it this way….

“Instruct a wise man, and he will get wiser. Teach a good man and he will learn. Only scoffers and fools despise instruction and teaching.” (Paraphrase of an Old Proverb) I see great wisdom in each of us encouraging, nurturing, and helping each other to become better performers. I believe as we gather together for this purpose, we become a better organization.

I invite you to return to our website often and let me know what other information we can provide you with to help your understanding of magic in Canada.

Ron Keller