Member Benefits

CAM Liability Insurance

Let HKMB Insure Your Performance! Performer: such as busker, clowns, face painter, juggler, magician, MC or stilt walker.

Whose act does NOT involve: hypnotism, use of fire/naked flame, acrobatic or aerial performance, animals (except birds or rabbits), tattooing, body piercing or sword swallowing

Why should you buy this coverage?

To meet the insurance requirements of event organizers that book your act.

So that you can take comfort in knowing you are covered should your act result in any injuries to third parties or property.

Your claims will be handled efficiently via HKMB’s 24 hour claims hotline. You can have confidence in your suppliers: HKMB has been serving the entertainment industry for over 15 years.

K&K Insurance Co., the program insurer, is an established, reputable company that focuses exclusively on risks in North America’s sports, leisure and entertainment industries. For more information about K&K visit their website at

Age: over 18 years
Residency: Canadian
Gross income from performing activities: less than $100,000.

If so, you are probably eligible to purchase General Liability coverage of $2,000,000 at an annual cost of only $425.00.

Deductible: $1000

Includes: Products and Completed Operations; Contingent Employer’s Liability; Employees as Additional Insureds; Cross Liability/Severability of Insureds; Incidental Medical Malpractice; Occurence Property Damage; Personal Injury; Blanket Contractual; Broad Form Property Damage; Owners and Contractors Protective; Medical Payments; Attached Machinery

Excludes: Abuse/molestation/harassment, fireworks, asbestos, data, terrorism Limited fungi and fungal derivatives coverage.

Premium . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $325.00
Administrative . . . . . . . $100.00 Handling Fee
Total $425.00 (Applicable Taxes not included)
Coverage under this program starts on the day
the insurance is purchased and extends for 12 months.
The coverage only applies to Canada.



The Canadian Association of Magicians have arranged this program as a service for the benefit of its members, however, the insurance policy you purchase is strictly between you and the insurance carrier and the CAM assumes no responsibility or liability with respect to any losses or claims made. It is each member’s responsibility to make sure that the policy covers your performance specifics.