Magic Tom – Research help

My name is Rohinton Ghandhi, Ro for short, I’m a local historical
researcher/writer doing a story on our own Magic Tom Auburn of Montreal, and
I was hoping you may have some details of him, or know of anyone who still
may be able to provide some first-hand accounts! That would be so very cool
to capture, before some of these stories all simply fade away…
I’m sincerely hoping that you may have some insights, rare information or
artifacts in reference to our “Uncle” Magic Tom. Should you have any leads
that I may follow-up on, I would truly appreciate them. As each piece of
information is like a puzzle piece that could only add to the larger than
life Magic Tom that we all still envision in our minds. Funny what we can
clearly recall from our childhood, isn’t it?

Magic Tom is as Montreal as you can get. He was a great man and a perfect
representative of our once world-class city. I would love to accurately write

a story on this one local gentleman who was my childhood TV icon
(on CFCF 12), to most of us in those great days that once completed each
of our own Montreal experiences. I hope you are able to help in getting his story straight….I have found so many photos and story write-ups of Tom Auburn the local
Magician, the troops entertainer, the places he played in from 1931 to 1942
through the original pages of the Verdun Guardian Newspaper, digitizing them
before they turn to dust.

Awaiting your kindest reply,Rohinton (Ro for short) Ghandhi
Crawford Park, Verdun, Montreal

One thought on “Magic Tom – Research help

  1. Hi Ro!

    May I suggest you talk with Evy an Phil Matlin at Perfect Magic?
    I’m sure you have done so already but just in case, they can surely make you contact other people that knew him as well!

    All The Best,
    Vincent Pimparé

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