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It’s July already and soon we will be wondering where the summer went. Here in Korea it is getting hotter and hotter and soon the rainy season will be here followed by the high humidity. I find this the hardest part of the year to be out and about (or as my not so good American ears hear my Canadian friends say “oot and aboot”) in but it also means that the Busan International Magic Festival (BIMF) will be upon us.

The festival is the first week in August and takes places in the coastal city of Busan. It is a wonderfully lively city in the southern part of the country with great food and very friendly people. The festival will run for four days and include magic performances, competitions, lectures, exhibitions and a fantastic opening show performed on the beach, free for thousands to watch.

I will post more on the festival during the first week in August so please check back then. As for what has been going on here the past couple of months, well it has been business as usual. The month of May is always busy for magicians here because Korea celebrates Children’s Day on May 5th and all throughout the country there are mini-festivals and activities for children to enjoy with their parents. The organizers of these special activities usually enjoy having some type of magic performance there for all to enjoy so it is the busy season for Korean magicians.

One of these special performances took place just outside of the city of Seoul and included in its line up performers such as Ted Kim, Eun Kyoung Park, Ha Won Keun, Hun Lee, Yoo Zeki, Yu Ho Jin, Hong Jin Lim, Yuji Yasuda and more.  It was done in an outdoor park theater and was attended by about 4000 to 5000 people. It was truly a night of magic and wonderment.






Also many of the recent Korean F.I.S.M. winners have been busy either performing or lecturing in and outside the country.  A number of them can be seen performing as part of a special Korean Magic Night Show that is being booked at various magic conventions around the world. In my opinion, these shows are amazing to see not just for the quality of the acts that take the stage but also because they really give you a look at the variety of different styles that are coming out of the magic community here in Korea. They are wonderful shows that bring a taste of Korean magic to other countries and by doing so also help benefit the magic community here, too. When the performers return they are all so eager to share their experiences from the various countries, which they performed in, with other magicians here both professional and amateur.  This really helps foster a better understanding of not only some of the performance styles from other countries but also provides Korean magicians with an insight into how different countries appreciate different aspects of the art.






Well until the beginning of August; enjoy your time this summer with good food and friends.

Magically Yours,

Gregory Bracco

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