Mike Segal – Magician of the Year

Congratulations to Magic Mike Segal on being voted the Canadian Magician of the Year for 2013. He was presented with this award at a small ceremony during the Spring CAM JAM at the Greg Frewin theatre in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Magic Mike Segal is a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Theatre Performance graduate and beside being a CAM member he’s also a member of Britain’s prestigious Magic Circle, the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Society of American Magicians, the Toronto Theatre Alliance and ACTRA. He is also Artistic Director of Magic Unlimited Theatre Productions, a touring children’s theatre company, for the past fifteen years. Mike teaches magic to children and adults through the Toronto Area Boards of Education and Mike is founder and director of CAnada’s only summer camp for young magicians: Sorcerer’s Safari.

Magic Mike has designed magic and illusions for many theatrical and industrial productions, movies, television programs and commercials, and music videos. For almost twenty years Magic Mike has been performing for audience around the world. His frequent television appearances and his role as the featured magician on a nationally televised daily program, has made him available to millions of families across North America.

Hi design and consultation work with such celebrities as Richard Dreyfuss, Seigfried & Roy, Tony Curtis, John Woo, Dolph Lundgre and Ringo Starr has made hime one of the most recognized figures in the Canadian magic community.

(Source: www.magic-mike.com)

Written by Joshua Jay for M.U.M. magazine

I titled this article “The Complete Magician,” which some of you may associate with a book of the same name I wrote in 2008. That book was a big break for me, and it was my way of giving back to the youth in magic. I consider myself a passionate supporter of teaching and mentoring young magicians, and I owe that passion to one person and one place: Mike Segal and Sorcerers Safari. In 1999, I was eighteen years old. Mike called and, in a rather unorthodox move, asked me to be Guest of Honor at the third annual Sorcerers Safari Camp. Actually, he asked my father out of courtesy. He and my father talked often about my visit, as I was away that year, performing and lecturing anywhere I could. My experience at camp during the summer of 1999 was, for me, transformative. I was not only invited to perform and lecture, I was invited to be part of a family – and that’s exactly the vibe of the camp. It’s a family affair, with Jen organizing, Samantha in charge of the girl’s cabins, and Mike worrying about everything. The past guests come back year after year, not only because they love camp, but also because they love Mike. We all love Mike. Mike also touched me deeply in 2005, the year I lost my father. He remembered my dad well, and got to know him through our annual visits to the Columbus Magi-Fest. “Josh, I want to ask you something,” Mike said to me via phone. “I’m going to be offering a yearly scholarship to a young magician from the Magi-Fest. Since your dad was so well-liked and so kind to everyone at that event, I’m thinking of calling it the Jeffrey L. Jay Memorial Scholarship. Is that okay with you?” I don’t often get emotional, but I will remember that gesture as long as I live. And Mike’s generosity is the kind that inspires others to give. I now subsidize that charity, paying for airfare, food, and magic props for the recipient each year. Years ago, I swore off writing features on magicians. I am frequently asked, and I always politely decline even my closest friends (sorry guys). But Mike is truly the only the guy in the world I would say “yes” to – because he has done so much for me, and so much for magic.

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  1. Magic Mike says:

    Man, I hate that shirt…….But LOVE the honour of the award.
    Thank you CAM!

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