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Below, in alphabetical order,  are the four official candidates for the 2013 Canadian Magician of the Year. Each of the candidates were asked to submit a short biography outlining their accomplishments.  Voting comences today and will continue until April 23rd, 2013. The results will be revealed at the CAM JAM Spring edition on April 28th at the Greg Frewin Theatre.  In your eMail inbox will be a communication from the CAM offices via  In this eMail will be a unique link created just for you to use to select your choice for the award.  Once you have voted it can not be changed.  I can not provide you with a repeat of the link as it is generated by this outside company.  This is the fairest and most transparent system available to the CAM.  Once the results have been announced the actual numbers will be available for all to view.



David Ben


 “I would like to thank those of you who nominated me for the Canadian Magician of the Year.  As Shawn indicated in a previous note, however, he received the popular vote, and by a large margin. As such, I believe he should be declared the winner.  As a result, I must respectfully ask that my name be removed from the follow-up ballot.  Congratulations, Shawn, and good luck with the CAM conventions.  I’m sure they will be a big success.  Sincerely, David Ben”

( * Please note:  “As Shawn indicated in a previous note, however, he received the popular vote, and by a large margin. As such, I believe he should be declared the winner.”  – Shawn can not be declared the winner based on the open nomination to decide the official nominees.  Voting shall continute and we ask that you respect Mr. Ben’s wishes and not vote for him.)

Shawn Farquhar

It is with great pride that I find myself nominated for the most prestigious magic award possible for a magician in Canada.  I have twice been awarded this amazing honour and would ask that you vote for another worthy candidate this time.  As much as I would like to be named the 2013 Canadian Magician of the Year, I truly believe it will be better for the CAM and Canada’s magic scene to have one of these very worthy nominees win instead.  To those that nominated me, thank you so much.


Luc Langevin

I am a 30 year-old French Canadian scientist and magician living in Montreal. I have a Master’s Degree and the beginning of a Ph. D in Physics, which I have stopped to focus on magic. I have been doing magic since 1990 and it’s my full-time occupation since 2009.

I am the star of a street magic television show called « Comme Par Magie », broadcasted on ARTV and in many countries around the world (Italy, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, etc.). Three seasons (42 episodes of 30 minutes) of this series have been produced and more than 20 000 DVDs have been sold. I have also done six 1-hour television specials for Radio-Canada, in which I executed magic tricks for French Canadian film and television personalities. Most of the numbers were exclusively and specially created for the shows. My scientific signature and background always appears in my television shows and my magic. I often present the tricks as a demonstration of physical, optical or psychological phenomena to make it more believable.

Over the past 4 years, I have done more than 400 different illusions on television and participated in numerous interviews on TV, radio, as well as in newspapers and magazines. I have been on the cover of many of them, notably on « L’Actualité », « La Presse » and « Northern Peeks » this year.

In the past 2 years, I have received many prizes and distinctions. I have been nominated twice for « Best Host in a Variety Program or Series» by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. Laval University has awarded me the « Raymond Blais » medal for my accomplishments and I was the President of Honor of the 75th anniversary of their Science and Engineering Faculty. I am the 2012 « Le Soleil / Radio-Canada » Laureate in the youth category and I am the provincial spokesperson for the 2013 season of the Hydro-Québec Science Fairs.

I am currently working on my first stage show « Réellement sur scène » that will begin touring this summer. More than 20 000 tickets have already been sold. I am also working on a 1-hour international documentary on modern magic, in which I interview Steven Frayne (Dynamo), Andy Nyman, Mathieu Bich, Bill Kalush and many more. It will be broadcasted this fall in Canada on Radio-Canada and ARTV, and in Europe on ARTE France and ARTE Germany.

Je suis un jeune canadien français de 30 ans vivant à Montréal et à la fois scientifique et magicien. Je détiens une maitrise en physique et je commençais un doctorat dans le même domaine lorsque je l’ai interrompu pour me consacrer entièrement à la magie. Je pratique cet art depuis 1990 et c’est mon occupation à temps plein depuis 2009.

Je suis la vedette d’une émission de télévision de magie de rue intitulée « Comme Par Magie » diffusée sur ARTV et dans plusieurs pays partout dans le monde (Italie, France, Belgique, République Tchèque, etc.). Trois saisons (42 épisodes de 30 minutes) de cette série ont été produites et plus de 20 000 DVDs ont été vendus. J’ai également fait six émissions spéciales d’une heure télédiffusées à Radio-Canada dans lesquelles j’exécutais des numéros de magie pour des personnalités du cinéma et de la télévision canadienne française. La plupart des numéros étaient exclusivement et spécialement conçus pour ces émissions. Je présente toujours mes tours comme une démonstration d’un phénomène physique, optique ou psychologique pour les rendre plus crédibles.

Dans les quatre dernières années, j’ai exécuté plus de 400 illusions différentes à la télévision et participé à de nombreuses entrevues à la télévision, à la radio ainsi que dans les journaux et les magazines. J’ai été sur la couverture de plusieurs d’entres eux, notamment dans le cas de « L’Actualité », « La Presse » et « Northern Peeks » cette année.

Dans les deux dernières années, j’ai reçu de nombreux prix et distinctions. J’ai été nominé deux fois pour « Meilleur animateur d’une émission spéciale de variété » par l’Académie Canadienne du Cinéma et de la Télévision. L’Université Laval m’a remis la médaille « Raymond Blais » pour mes accomplissements et j’étais le président d’honneur du 75ièmeanniversaire de leur Faculté des Sciences et de Génie. Je suis Le Lauréat 2012 « Le Soleil / Radio-Canada » dans la catégorie « Jeunesse » et je suis le porte-parole provincial de la saison 2013 des Expo Sciences Hydro-Québec.

Je travaille présentement sur mon premier spectacle en salles « Réellement sur scène » dont la tournée commencera cet été. Plus de 20 000 billets ont déjà été vendus. Je travaille également sur un documentaire international d’une heure sur la magie moderne dans lequel je m’entretiens avec Steven Frayne (Dynamo), Andy Nyman, Mathieu Bich, Bill Kalush et plusieurs autres. Cette émission sera diffusée cet automne au Canada sur les chaines ARTV et Radio-Canada ainsi qu’en Europe sur les chaines ARTE France et ARTE Allemagne.


Mike Segal

Magic Mike Segal is a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Theatre Performance graduate and beside being a CAM member he’s also a member of Britain’s prestigious Magic Circle, the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Society of American Magicians, the Toronto Theatre Alliance and ACTRA. He is also Artistic Director of Magic Unlimited Theatre Productions, a touring children’s theatre company, for the past fifteen years. Mike teaches magic to children and adults through the Toronto Area Boards of Education and Mike is founder and director of CAnada’s only summer camp for young magicians: Sorcerer’s Safari.

Magic Mike has designed magic and illusions for many theatrical and industrial productions, movies, television programs and commercials, and music videos. For almost twenty years Magic Mike has been performing for audience around the world. His frequent television appearances and his role as the featured magician on a nationally televised daily program, has made him available to millions of families across North America.

Hi design and consultation work with such celebrities as Richard Dreyfuss, Seigfried & Roy, Tony Curtis, John Woo, Dolph Lundgre and Ringo Starr has made hime one of the most recognized figures in the Canadian magic community.


Written by Joshua Jay for M.U.M. magazine

I titled this article “The Complete Magician,” which some of you may associate with a book of the same name I wrote in 2008. That book was a big break for me, and it was my way of giving back to the youth in magic. I consider myself a passionate supporter of teaching and mentoring young magicians, and I owe that passion to one person and one place: Mike Segal and Sorcerers Safari. In 1999, I was eighteen years old. Mike called and, in a rather unorthodox move, asked me to be Guest of Honor at the third annual Sorcerers Safari Camp. Actually, he asked my father out of courtesy. He and my father talked often about my visit, as I was away that year, performing and lecturing anywhere I could.  My experience at camp during the summer of 1999 was, for me, transformative. I was not only invited to perform and lecture, I was invited to be part of a family – and that’s exactly the vibe of the camp. It’s a family affair, with Jen organizing, Samantha in charge of the girl’s cabins, and Mike worrying about everything. The past guests come back year after year, not only because they love camp, but also because they love Mike. We all love Mike. Mike also touched me deeply in 2005, the year I lost my father.  He remembered my dad well, and got to know him through our annual visits to the Columbus Magi-Fest. “Josh, I want to ask you something,” Mike said to me via phone. “I’m going to be offering a yearly scholarship to a young magician from the Magi-Fest. Since your dad was so well-liked and so kind to everyone at that event, I’m thinking of calling it the Jeffrey L. Jay Memorial Scholarship. Is that okay with you?” I don’t often get emotional, but I will remember that gesture as long as I live. And Mike’s generosity is the kind that inspires others to give. I now subsidize that charity, paying for airfare, food, and magic props for the recipient each year.  Years ago, I swore off writing features on magicians. I am frequently asked, and I always politely decline even my closest friends (sorry guys). But Mike is truly the only the guy in the world I would say “yes” to – because he has done so much for me, and so much for magic.

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