Official Nominees for CAM Magician of the Year

The nominations period has passed and 28% of our membership participated.  The full voting record and review of the survey can be viewed by clicking the link provided: RESULTS

I was very happy to see the results of both the nominations and the survey.  The survey indicates that the majority of members are very happy with the direction the CAM is taking and I hope we continue to improve as the years progress.

When adding the votes we ended up with a three way tie for fourth place.  Because we used an option 1 and 2 it was easier to determine a winner based on which of those three magicians had the most option 1 votes.  Below I have listed the top nine magicians.  It is in fact a very impressive list which includes three previous winners of the award.  In the next few days I will contact each of these nominees and ask them to submit a brief 500 words or less description of themselves and their accomplishments.  Once I have these biographies I will post them here so you can all read and make an informed decision.  I truly believe that all the nominees are fitting of this, our most prestigious award and wish to congratulate them on being recognized by their peers for their contribution to magic in Canada and around the world.

Official Nominees for the Canadian Magician of the Year:

Shawn Farquhar 25

David Ben 12

Mike Segal 9

Luc Langevin 8 (5 Op1/3 Op2)


Jay Sankey 8 (3 Op1/5 Op2)

Richard Sanders 8 (3 Op1/5 Op2)

David Merry 7

Murray Hatfield 6

Greg Frewin 6

8 thoughts on “Official Nominees for CAM Magician of the Year

  1. I thought his latest TV show broke new ground. It was very innovative as far as Canada was concerned. To get a show like that on Canadian TV takes remarkable powers of persuasion, I do not think we will see it on the Eng;lish networks. I also
    happen to think that Dean Gunnarson had an impressive year with his Chinese TV
    special. (as did Shawn with his Penn and Teller:Fool Us appearance

  2. Vincent Pimparé says:

    Shawn Farquhar-CAM President is allowed to enter the nomination process? I find it debatable, ethically. Even if he did really good last year,.

    It will be an akward moment if he hands himself the award.
    Being elected President is already an honor to receive.
    I suggest Shawn retires himself from the current election and let another magician receive the Magician of the Year honor.

    This will not only show Shawn’s humility but also fraternity.

    Just a thought.

    • Hi Vincent,

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate input, even from non members of the CAM. I feel there is nothing wrong with the members nominating their President for the award. I do not make this statement for my own benefit, but for those in the future.

      I will say that I had spoken to several friends and CAM members about this very matter before accepting the nomination. I felt to not accept it would dishonour those that chose me in the first place. Had I not accepted the nomination then the question would also arise if we should then move up the next highest voted nominee, which this year would have been a tie, making it even more confusing.

      Having said all that, it is my intention, having already won the award twice, to state in my nominee description that members should not vote for me in the final process. I think this allows me to honour those that nominated me, still make it possible for future Presidents to be recognized for the award and demonstrate my fraternity as you so eloquently stated.

      Once again, thanks for your input and I hope you may consider joining the CAM as it is a wonderful organization offering so much to the Canadian magic community.

      -shawn farquhar

      • Vincent Pimparé says:

        Hi Shawn,

        I really appreciate you took time to answer my input.

        You made all of this clearer to me. Pardon my ignorance in the matter, I am not a CAM member as you know so I am not aware of you by-laws and processes. It is very kind of you to think of future Presidents that might be nominated as well.

        I understand it was the members who nominated the nominees.

        It will be all in your honor if you win the award for a third time and I sincerly hope you can get this award.

        Magically yours,
        Vincent Pimparé

        • Hi Vincent,

          I see you just joined the CAM, awesome. Yes it would be wonderful to win again, but as I said I will ask that members vote for one of the other three candidates as they are all very deserving of this award. In fact one of the three nominees is one I nominated and I certainly he hope he wins!

          Welcome to the CAM, your card and certificate should be in the mail soon and the first edition of the Northern Peeks should be in your email very soon. This months cover features Bill Abbott, the current Magician of the Year.


          shawn farquhar

          • Vincent Pimparé says:

            Hi Shawn,

            Thank you for welcoming me! I am a former member of the IBM, and now, CAM as well.

            I look forward to meet the fraternity.

            Best of luck to all nominees!

            Vincent Pimparé

  3. Vincent Pimparé says:

    Hi Shawn,

    I was wondering if I am allowed to vote for this year’s election.
    If yes, how can I proceed and what page I should visit.

    Thank you again,

    Vincent Pimparé

    • Hi Vincent,

      Your name and email will be added to the membership list and when the voting begins on March 15th you will be sent an email with directions and a unique link to use to vote.

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