Latest issue of the Northern Peeks is late but great …

I have to apologize for not publishing and distributing the latest issue on time. The Summer was a hectic time and with it also being our first yearly renewal period there was a lot of confusion and paper work to get it all done. Everything seems to be back on track and we are already preparing the next issue.

This months cover features Sorcerer’s Safari Magic Camp. It’s a wonderful write up about an amazing and uniquely Canadian experience. I urge you all to read the article and consider sponsoring a young person to attend next year. In BC the hard work of Trevor and Lorena Watters made it possible to have two youth members of the Vancouver Magic Circle experience the camp this year. It is my goal to convince the CAM board to sponsor a child for next year. I also hope to sway the IBM National board to consider sponsoring a child or two. The future of our art is in fostering the youth and teaching the right way to learn magic. Camp can be a huge part of this important task…

Speaking of task. I get a number of emails as the President and Editor of the NP and most I have to say are very encouraging and make me feel good about volunteering so much of my time to CAM. Recently I had an email with a very negative tone. It said things like “I had a fellow in from Ottawa who told me that when he gets his Northern Peeks he laughs. He literally said to me ‘It’s a joke’. The past two years he tosses them out in the garbage almost as soon as he receives it“. I hope this is not the case for most as the writers, reviewers, advertisers and of course our publisher all work hard and for free to make the NP something uniquely Canadian.

We don’t have the massive budget of the SAM or the IBM and we are restricted by the weight of the publication by the cost of Canada Post, but we do the best we all can to make it something fun to read.

His email went on to say “What are we offering to people to entice them to join CAM? Is it really enough?”. Well I guess the only people that can answer that question is you the reader. What more do you want us to do for you? Currently we are forming Chapters of CAM to join us together so it will be easier to communicate. We’re brokering a deal to gain liability insurance for those that perform to protect you at reasonable rates. We have had discussion with another organization to see if we can gain blanket coverage of ASCAP and BMI rights for all members. We improved the quality of the membership cards, certificates and hopefully the Northern Peeks journal. We even added an additional issue to the year making it a quarterly publication. Our website was re-envisioned and the number of visits has been substantially growing and we even have requests now for advertising online.

I know there’s more we can do… make some suggestions in the comments below. Please.

We would also love to have your help so if you want to be a bigger part of the history of Magic in Canada think want you can do to help us. Maybe you would like to contribute to this website. I’d be more than happy to supply you with a password to add content at your leisure. Perhaps you would even consider being the WebMaster!

We are in need of filling many positions such as a French translator to boost our Francophone content. Our maybe even create some original French content! We can use a membership chairman to discover more ideas to benefit our members and ways to implement them too.

Regardless if you can help or not, I want to say thank you for being a member and supporting the CAM. We are over 400 strong and growing.


Shawn Farquhar

One thought on “Latest issue of the Northern Peeks is late but great …

  1. Thank YOU, Shawn, for all the hard work you do for us, the membership.
    You are an amazing ambassador of magic for Canada all over the world, and I am honoured to call you a friend.

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