Contest Announced

Win a free copy of The Unsinkable Titanic Thompson by Carlton Stowers.  It’s the true story of a world super star. Golfer, gambler, hustler and con man.  Thompson was a master with a deck of cards, able to effortlessly stack decks, palm aces, and deal seconds. He was a crack pistol shot and often hit a silver dollar in midair on a bet. He could offer you a proposition so foolproof that you’d be an idiot not to take the wager. That’s when you and your money were soon parted.

To enter this contest post a comment below and have your name added into our draw.  Contest closes 11:00 PM PST, March 30, 2011.

CONGRATULATIONS TO Rosemary Reid of Halifax, Nova Scotia!

11 thoughts on “Contest Announced

  1. Wow! This seems like THE BOOK for magicians. I’ve never really been able to find novels centered around magic, gambling etc. Count me in!

  2. Sammy Jakubowicz says:

    That looks like a book I could get into. I’m in.

  3. Andre M. Bisson says:

    Seems like a really interesting book!

    New website looks way better too by the way!


  4. This is a fantastic book!

  5. Looks like a cool book.

  6. Rosemary Reid says:


  7. Great contest and love the new website!

  8. Philip Leeson says:

    Quite an amazing change. I’ve always appreciated the work that CAM has been doing and this is just another example of the splendid work.

  9. Jailhouse Jonny says:

    Like the new site. Like having the clubs and magic shops listed. Looking forward to the site growing and evolving. Convention site could have the date and place as a static display.

  10. I highly recommend this book. Enter to try to win it, people–I already have my copy. 😉

  11. Hope I Win a free copy of The Unsinkable Titanic Thompson,
    as a begginer Magician any new books will be of great asset…

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